Mar 30, 2010

Lancool Dragonlord PC-K62 Case review.

LanCool and Lian Li. Both names synonymous with PC casing manufacturers. Both under the same company. One targets the budget conscious market, and the latter the high end. This is basically what the LanCool casings are - quality at an affordable price.

Over here we have today the LanCool Dragonlord PC-K62. Essentially a mid-tower casing with tool-less design and an all-black construction that's sure to draw some attention.
The side also features a transparent window for added visual appeal.

Over on the top, one would find the Reset and Power buttons, along with 2 USB ports, audio and mic connectors.
Though it would've been nicer if they were placed at an angle rather than flat on top, so as to accomodate those who place their casings on the desk.
The top and front panels are also easily detachable without the need for tools.

One would also notice from the shot of the back that the power supply is located at the bottom, as that's where the coolest air is, thereby allowing more efficient cooling.

Another feature of the case is that all points of mounting have rubber to reduce vibrations - from the power supply, to the hard drives, and even the mounting screws for the intake and outtake fans.
These all work to keep the case extremely and effectively silent.

Internally, at the front there are 2 sections.
The top section being to host 5.25" units, while the bottom section features 4 slots to fit either 3.5" or 2.5" hard drives, and again no tools are required for installation.
Also again, the slots are all held by rubber fasteners to absorb all vibration from the drives.

The casing comes with LED fans which of course glows with the color that everyone seems obsessed with - blue.
The frontal intake fan at the bottom is a 140mm @ 1000RPM, generally fast enough for decent air-intake while maintaining low noise levels as well as helping to cool the hard drives.
All the intakes also feature dust filters, which of course means you don't have to go and make your own.

Inside there is more than enough space for a mid-end graphics card, though if you're looking to include say the ATI Radeon 5970, look elsewhere as the case only accomodates cards up to 290mm in length.

Shown below with an ATI Radeon 5770 installed.

Over on the top there are two 140mm fans @ 1000RPM, while at the back sits a 120mm fan @ 1500RPM, all working together to draw hot air out of the casing.

One main drawback to the LanCool casing is it weighs a hefty 9.55kg due to its SECC Steel construction, unlike the Lian Li casings which are made from light weight aluminium.
This basically makes the case a little LAN-unfriendly, with also the lack of a handle making it troublesome to carry around.

The K62 basically combines the best aspects of flash and functionality in an affordable package that's sure to please most gamers out there.
For those on an even smaller budget can do no wrong in checking out the other models in the Dragonlord series such as the K60, K58 and K56, as they offer the same quality with just a few minor cosmetic differences.

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